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Rochester Hills, MI 48309
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About Us

To provide the highest level care of those in the mental health sphere while empowering clinicians to model emotional wellness.


We work to imagine what others are feeling, with a goal of alleviating suffering and creating joy


We strive to create an environment of compassionate belonging in which all feel welcome, valued, and respected.


We support staff and clinicians in improving interactions through continuing education, case conferencing, and consultation.


We adhere to the highest levels of professional standards and moral principles through a commitment to honesty, confidentiality, and transparency.

Our Group

Our group of clinicians are skilled in a wide variety of specialties and services to help meet our clients where they are.

Dr. Nicole Law PsyD LP
Ashley Lupico MA LLP
Roxanne Christensen PsyD
Rohini Kamakoti MS LLP
Amanda Campbell-Schneeberger MS LLP
Matthew Cleveland MA TLLP
Dana K. Monforton, MA, TLLP
Bre Sullivan  MA TLLP
Amanda Erhardt
Calli Perry
Anca Napau MA LLP
Sheena Harris
Kate Kittredge MA TLLP, PMHC