Dr. Nicole Law PsyD LP

Dr. Law has a diverse set of experience in outpatient, university counseling, multicultural, LGBT issues, grief and loss. Living in Brazil and conducting seminars on the influence culture has on business practices sparked her passion for multiculturalism. She believes we are made of a combination of cultural, biological, emotional and interpersonal experiences that all play an important role in who we are today. Nicole has a way of making people feel comfortable talking about almost anything and believes that therapy should be a collaborative experience between clients and therapist.

Dr Law has degrees in both literature and psychology and describes them as two different perspectives on the human experience. She received her masters and doctoral degrees in clinical psychology from the Michigan School of Professional Psychology where her dissertation research focused on struggles of miscarriage and pregnancy loss. Looking at problems from a biological, social and interpersonal perspective allows Nicole to find treatment options that are tailored to each individual.