Aloe Psychology: Telehealth Sessions

Aloe Integrative Psychology Group understands that our first responders and health care workers are under extreme pressure to themselves, their families and the people they care for during this world-wide viral pandemic.

To help support these front-line workers, Aloe Psychology is offering late night and weekend tele-health sessions.

If you are a first responder or health care worker and are in need of services outside of “normal” business hours, please contact your therapist at Aloe Psychology and we can work with you in getting session appointments created for you.

Call us direct @ Aloe Psychology and leave a message: 248-218-0622 or contact your therapist.

Dr. Nicole Law PsyD LP: 248-218-0588
Ashley Lupico MA LLP: 248-218-0595
Roxanne Christensen PsyD: 248-218-0599
Rohini Kamakoti MS LLP: 248-218-0722
Amanda Campbell MS LLP: 248-218-0635